Hi, I am a casual Runes of Magic player on the server Artemis (private server - Angel City server now). I've been playing Runes of Magic for about 4 years now. I also go by SuperiorFlash on the Official Runes of Magic Forums.

I go by Cicero on the Runes of Magic Nexon private server

[Cicero] 64/40 R/M (Angel City)
[Tiber] 75/75/50 M/Wl/W (Angel City) retired
[Term] 75M/75P/52K (Artemis) retired
[Ameron] 55R/54S/33K (Artemis)retired
[Superior] 53M/42P (Palenque)retired
[Holy] 50R/29K (EU/Solas)retired

SuperiorFlash's Corner of Goodies

SuperiorFlash's Quest Details

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