Quest List

Daily Quests

Aslan Valley
Dragonfang Ridge
Dust Devil Canyon
Howling Mountains Newbie
Howling Mountains
Obsidian Stronghold
Sascilia Steppes
Savage Lands
Thunderhoof Hills
Weeping coast
Ystra Highlands

Epic Quest


There are two ways to get quests.
The common way is by talking to a NPC that has a yellow exclamation mark.
The other way is by right-clicking on an item and clicking on [Accept Quest] button

You can have up to 30 active quests.

Never delete quest objects from your inventory.
This will probably break the quest so you can't complete the quest.

If you die or fail during a quest, talk to the Quest NPC to try again.

You can delete a quest using the Abandon Quest button in the Quest Log.
You should be able to go back and talk to the Quest Giver to restart the quest.
However, this has not been verified for all quests, so be careful when abandoning a quest.

Quest Requirements

Most quests have a level requirements
Most quests can be started at the quest level.
Some quests can be started at two levels below the quest level.

Finding Quests

1) Look for NPCs that have a yellow exclamation mark

2) Look for the yellow exclamation mark on the mini map.

3) Press the [L] key to open the Quest Log
Click on Available Quests button in the lower left corner of Quest Log
Click on the Available Quests tab
Toggle Hide Low-Level Quests and Quests for this zone
Click on the Search button

4) Click on the Map Settings button on the minimap
Click on Show World Map
Available quests will show up as yellow exclamation marks on the world map

Keeping Track of Quest Progress

Click [L] button to open the Quest Log

In the Quest Log, put a checkmark by the Quests you want to track

The quest progress will show up on the right side of the screen

Yellow Exclamation = quest available
Grey Exclamation = quest available at a higher level
Grey Checkmark = quest in progress
Yellow Checkmark = quest completed

Red Dots in minimap are monsters that need to be killed for a quest
Yellow Dots in the minimap are objects that need to be gathered/clicked on for a quest

Tracking Quest Locations

1) Click [L] button to open the Quest Log
Select the quest
Right-click on any blue text and select Follow
A colored arrow will show you where to go

2) Open the Quest Log
Click on Available Quests button in lower left corner of Quest Log
Click on NPC Search tab
Type in name of NPC or object
Search term is case sensitive
Click on Search
Select desired NPC or object from Search Results
Click on Follow to add selection to Tracking List

3) You can also find the Quest Giver's Position and Quest NPC's Position in the Quest Log

Tracking List

Open the Quest Log
Click on Available Quests button in lower left corner of Quest Log
Click on NPC Search tab
The Tracklist List is at the bottom of the NPC Search Tab

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