Daily Quests

Varanas Bulletin Board

Stable Request
Collect 10 Black Hog Manes
Talk to Plinston
R: 378xp, 384g, Bierdine Token

Beetle Legs
Collect 10 Beetle Legs
Talk to Rufus
R: 292xp, 302g, Bierdine Token

Shabby Shoes
Collect 8 Shabby Kobold Shoes from Kobold Shaman
Talk to Derek
R: 292xp, 302g, Bierdine Token

Disease Cure
Collect 10 Plague-Infested Tooth from Mutated Wolves/Mangy Hogs
Report to Omyr
R: 442xp, 422g, Bierdine Token


==> [12] Supporting the Guard
Talk to Theron at Peer's Farm
R: 218xp, 422g

Laurana, Silverspring (50.2, 73.9)
==> Laurana's Discovery
Talk to Theron
R: 218xp, 422g

Pete, Silverspring (45.2, 66.5)
on the road to Forsaken Abbey
==> [18] Apprentice's reuqest
Collect 1 funerary bracelet from a Obsession Invisible Form at Forsaken Abbey
R: 942xp, 1525g, Unnamed sacrifice

Kalacas, Silverspring (47.3, 55.3)
on the way to Twlight Mine
==> Stolen Goods
Get Caracas' Backpack and Caracas' Doll from Bandit
R: 645xp, 1059g, Kalacas' Leather Belt OR Caracas Belt

Twilight Mines

Miuzi, outside Twlight Mine
==> [15] Eliminate the Danger
Kill 5 Bandit and 5 Silverman Hound
R: 645xp, 1059g, Robber's Dagger

==> [15] Lost Goods
Find lost good and take them to Vender
Crate at 43.4, 56.5
R: 645xp, 1059g, Von De's Discount Merchandise

Bakejam, north of Varanas Gates
==> [10] Assisting Insect research
Collect 10 Beetle Body Fluid from Whirlwind Beetles
Deliver to Winsil at Peer's Farm
R: 292xp, 604g, Researcher's Belt OR Researcher's Leather Trousers

Peer's Farm

Jacob, Peer's Farm
==> [10] Hogs Wild
Kill 10 Mangy Hogs
R: 442xp, 844g, Peasant's Boots OR Farmer's Iron Boots

Jacob, Peer's Farm
==> [12] Bullish Boars and Wicked Wolves
Kill 10 Mutated Wolfs
R: 442xp, 844g, Farmhand's Shawl

Theron, Peer's Farm
==> [12] Here Comes the Rain!
Collect 10 Black Boar Meat
Collect 10 Grasslands Hyena Mane
R: 442xp, 844g, Iron Combat Belt OR Hyena Sweater

Theron, Peer's Farm
==> [15] Attacked Caravan
Talk to Hork at Poidan Caravan south of Lake of Magic Mist
R: 318xp, 529g

Theron, Peer's Farm
==> [15] Derric's Gone Missing ([110183]'2)
Find Derric at Maidge's Farm (inside the farmhouse)
R: 645xp, 1059g
==> [15] Critical Message
Deliver Gorgeous Ring to Theron at Peer's Farm
R: 645xp, 1059g, Card of the Zurhidon Killer
==> Hork at Vender's Caravan, [18] The Secret of the Ring
Deliver Drawing of a Ring to Musa south of Tagena
R: 465xp, 762g

==> [14] The Earth Rune Pillars
Enhance North Stone Pillar (57.8, 53.2) SE of Dorian's Farm, NE of Maidge's Farm
Enhance East Stone Pillar, (65.5, 59.0) far east of Maidge's Farm by the river
Enhance South Stone Pillar (55.5, 64.1) between Peer's farm and Maidge's farm
R: 55xp, 951g
==> [14] Suspicious Farmers
Kill 12 Evil Maidge Farmers
Kill 12 Maidge Evil Servants
Report to Winsil
R: 55xp, 951g
==> [14] Acidic Soil
Gather 8 Peerston's Soil (Peerston's Mound)
Gather 8 Maidge's Soil
Deliver to Winsil
R: 55xp, 951g
==> [16] Poison Recipe
Collect Morrison's Recipe from Morrison at Maidge's Farm
Talk to Morrison to start fight
Deliver Recipe to Winsil
R: 1093xp, 1756g, Card of Morrison, Silverspring Enforcers Leggings OR Silverspring Enforcers leather Pants OR Silverspring Enforcers Leg Guards (Set)

Farmers and Servants drop Suspicious Letter
Right-click on letter to get quest
==> [1] Suspicious Mail
Deliver Suspicious Letter to Winsil at Peer's Farm
R: 8xp, 25g

==> [12] Retrieving Legends - Chapter One
Get following Pages: 1, 4, 5, 6, 10 (Page 4 is rare) (dropped at Maidge Farm)
R: 442xp, 844g, Legend of Taborea, Chapter 1

==> [12] Retrieving Legends - Chapter Two
Get pages 13, 14, 15, 16 (completed at Black caravan by Yuri)
R: 442xp, 844g, Legend of Taborea, Chapter 2

==> [12] Retrieving Legends - Chapter Two
Get pages 21, 22, 23, 24 (Page 22 is rare) (dropped off Bandit near Twilight Mine)
R: 442xp, 844g, Legend of Taborea, Chapter 3

==> [12] Retrieved Legends of Taborea
complete the other three quests
R: 330xp, 633g
==> Returning Legends of Taborea
Deliver Legends of Taborea to Vivian at Eye of Wisdom in Varanas
R: 330xp, 633g

Tagiton, Peer's Farm
==> Scheming Yuri
Kill Yuri
Talk to Tagiton
R: 953xp, 1588g, Tagiton's Special Tool

Poidon Caravan

Silverfall Bulletin Board
==> [10] Beetle Legs
Collect 10 Beetle Legs
Deliver to Rufus in Varanas
R: 292xp, 302g, Bierdine Token
==> [10] Shabby Shoes
Collect 8 Shabby Kobold Shoes
Deliver to Derek in Varanas
R: 292xp, 302g, Bierdine Token
==> [11] Stable Request
Collect 10 Black Hog Mane and
Deliver to Plinston
R: 378xp, 384g, Bierdine Token
==> [12] Disease Cure
Collect 10 Plague-Infested Tooth
Deliver to Omyr at Vender Caravan (Poidon Caravan)
R: 442xp, 442g, Bierdine Token
==> [17] [Daily] Bat Saliva
Collect 9 Leeching Bat Saliva
Deliver to Varnej in Varanas East
R: 800xp, 662g, Bierdine Token
==> [18] [Daily] Bird Feather Jewelry
Collect 12 Ostrich Tail Feathers
Deliver to Vega in Varanas
R: 942xp, 762g, Bierdine Token
==> [19] {Daily] Chef's Worries
Collect 10 Crane Tailbone Meat
Deliver to Walt at Varanas
R: 1101xp, 858g, Bierdine Token
==> [19] Ancient Inheritance
Collect 10 Ancient Stone Slabs
Deliver to Vega in Varanas
R: 1101xp, 858g, Bierdine Token

==> [16] Stolen Chickens
Find Veruni and return six Stolen Chickens, go east from Caravan (57.0, 41.6)
R: 361xp, 585g
==> [16] Looking for Stolen Objects
Talk to Traveling Peddler near Maidge's Farm
R: 361xp, 585g
==> Recovery
Deliver Stolen Chicken to Tannik
R: 732xp, 1171g, Rotten Egg

==> [16] Farm Plague
Gather 10 Alfalfa Weeds, hills south of Silverspring (NE of Peer's Farm)
Gather 10 Red Snowberry, central Silverspring (north of Maidge farm)
Gather 12 Tea Plant Bud, along riverside (south of Lake of Magic Mist)
Deliver to Shalson at Dorian's Farm
R: 732xp, 1171g
==> [16] Five-Leaf Markings
Talk to Omyr at Vender Caravan Camp
R: 361xp, 585g
==> Sample Analysis
Collect 10 Filthy Blood from Mangy Hogs
Collect 10 Decayed Saliva Glands from Mutated Wolves
Deliver to Omyr
R: 732xp, 1171g
==> Good News for the Farm
Deliver Antibiotic Potion to Shalson
R: 361xp, 585g, Silverspring Everyday Light Boots RO Silverspring Work Boots OR Silverspring Defender Leather Boots

==> [18] Escaped Criminal
Kill Amias in Twilight Mine
Retrieve Key to the Detention House
R: 1407xp, 2287g, Amiae's Master Key

==> [18] Ambassador Who acts improperly
Find Emmaha at the Forsaken Abbey
R: 465xp, 762g

==> [18] Profit and Loss
Find Martin, south of Tagena
R: 465xp, 762g

==> [16] Important Information
Use Empty Chest t capture a Bandit
Deliver to Hork
R: 732xp, 1171g, Law Enforcer's Belt

==> [16] Hard Profit is Good Profit
Collect 15 Resilient Cobweb from Thorn Spiders
Collect 10 Thorn Spider Silk Gland from Thron Spiders
R: 732xp, 1171g, Tough Cobweb Cloth

Dorian's Farm

Shalson, Dorian' Farm
==> [17] Rush the Pumpkin Harvest
Gather 6 Unpolluted Pumpkins
R: 800xp, 1324g, 5 Sweet Deep fried Doughnuts


==> [10] Driving Off the Kobolds
Kill 10 Kobol Marauder
R: 292xp, 604g
==> [10] Carphil's Report
Report to Mise (north of Carphil)
R: 144xp, 302g
==> [10] To Peerston
Deliver Garrison Report to Theron at Peer's Farm
R: 144xp, 302g, Sentry's Arm Guards
==> [12] Report on the Kobold Situation
Talk to Theron again
Report to Teresa
located in Varanas West Wing
R: 218xp, 422g
==> [15] Find the Lost Guard
Find Lanress at the Kobold Camp
go to Silverspring and go west from Varanas City
R: 645xp, 1059g
==> [15]Rescue the Captured Guard
Talk to Lanress to get quest
Defeat Kobold Marauder Leader to get Kobold Marauder's Key
(both Leaders will attack)
Talk to Laness
R: 645xp, 1059g
==> [14] The Lost Guar'd Message
Talk t Lanress to get quest
Deliver Guard Report to Teresa
R: 273xp, 475g, Sentinel's Long Sword

Teresa (after completing The Lost Guard's Message)
==> [15] Seek Pan's Help
Talk to Pan
by the Alchemt Tools
R: 318xp, 529g
==> [15] Gathering Kobold Poisons
Talk to Pan to start quest
Collect 10 Kobold Toxin from Kobold Shamans
Deliver to Pan
R: 645xp, 1059g
==> [15] Collecting Ingredients
Gather 10 Pure Yellow Grass
Deliver to Pan
R: 645xp, 1059g
==> [15] Use the Antidote
Pour Antidote into the Poison Cauldron
Talk to Pan
R: 645xp, 1059g, Varanas Guardian's Shield
==> Killing the Kobold Leader
Talk to Teresa
Kill Kipo
R: 1093xp, 1756g, Silversrpong Guardian jacket OR Silverspring Guardian Leather Coat OR Silverspring Guardian Chainmail

Kipos drops Kipos' Secret Plan
right-click to get another quest
==> [1] Kobold Leader's Plans
Talk to Teresa
R: 18xp, 50g

Teresa (after completing The Lost Guard's Message)
==> [15] Reduce the Shamans
Kill 10 Kobold Shamans
R: 645xp, 1059g, Kobold Mystic Branch

Pete (45.2, 66.5)
==> [20] Mage Who did not Return
1. Enter the Bloody Gallery and find Milky
R: 741xp, 975g

Tagena Farm

==> [18] The Secret of the RIng
Deliver Drawing of a Ring to Musa
R: 465xp, 762g
==> [20] Convincing Evidence
Find Strange Treasure Chest (Zurhidon Camp inside tent at 72.1/16.6
R: 1502xp, 1951g
==> [20] Strange Chest
Get Treasure Chest Key from Zurhidon Disciple
Open chest inside tent
Deliver Amazing Device to Musa
R: 1502xp, 1951g, Spy's Reasoning Gloves OR Spy's Investigation Gloves OR Spy's Adaptation Gloves

==> [20] Hermit of the Lake of Magic Mist
Deliver Beautiful Small Wooden Box to Hugo
R: 741xp, 975g
==> [25] Releasing Ancalon
Use Ancalon's hair ornament to destroy the Spirit Binding Pearl
Kill Demon Witch Ancalon
Click on SPirit Binding Pearl
Talk to Ancalon
R: 5181xp, 3724g, Hidden Master's Staff
==> Ancalon [25] Wishes of the Soul
Deliver Spirit Binding Pearl Fragments to Hugo
Watch scene
Talk to Hugo
R: 1711xp, 1241g
==> [25] Sorrowful reuqest
Deliver Small Sealed Chest to Musa
R: 1711xp, 1241g, Yellow Tome

==> [19] Alchemy Notes
Get Research Notes from Tagena Wanderers and Tagena Stragglers
Alchemy Research Note - Page One thru Page Five
Two and Four drop from Stragglers
One, Three, Five drop from Wanderers
R: 1101xp, 1717g, Refined Gold Cane of the Apprentice

==> [20] Scholar in Qilana
Deliver Journey of Little Hound to Gudisen in Aslan Valley
R: 741xp, 975g

==> [19] Swindler's Request
Investiaget Oblivion Shrine
Kill 3 Tagena Wanderer
Kill 3 Tagena Straggler
R: 1101xp, 1717g

==> [19] Dissipating All Fortune
Get near a Relic Guardian
Use Expensive Rune on Blank Sheepskin Parchment
Walk right under a Giant Guardian and click on Expensive Rune
R: 1101xp, 1717g, Rune Necklace of the Deceiver

==> [18] Profit and Loss
Find Martin
R: 465xp, 762g

==> [18] Amends
Collect 10 Bright-colored Feather from Colorful Ostrich or Young Ostrich
R: 942xp, 1525g, Leather Belt with Colroful Feathers

==> [19] Relic of the Ancient Kingdom
Copy inscription from four stone tablets
Henolid's Stone Tablet (43.6/25.7) along the road, rubbing 1
Tador's Stone Tablet (37.6/24.5), along road to Aslan valley, Rubbing 2
Aguar's Stone Tablet (54.0/28.5) (Rubbing 3)
Kibensty's Stone Stablet (58.1/25.0) (Rubbing 4) (NE of Aguar's)
Talk to Ausko Fal about each rubbing
Deliver translations to Pazac
R: 1101 xp, 1717g, Tagena's Lithography
==> [20] Nightmare
Kill L20 Dreamlands Nightmare
Loot Dreamlands Crystal from corpse
R: 1502xp, 1951
==> [20] Dreamland Crystal
Deliver Dreamland Crystal to Celsia in south tagena
R: 741xp, 975g
==> [20] Ancient Dreamland
Go to Oblivion Shrine in Tagena
Use the DSreamland Crystal at the Altar opf the Gods at 42.7/16.9
Fight off the Tagena Wanderers that spawn
Give Mutated Dreamland Crystal to Wooky
R: 2243xp, 2926g, Dreamland Traveler's Soft Boots OR Dreamland Traveler's Boots OR Dreamland Traveler's War Boots, Card of the Dreamland Demon

Forsaken Abbey

==> Forsaken Abbey
Find Shabby Diary
Click on Ancient Diary
R: 942xp, 1525g
==> [20] Documents in Darkness
Find the Forsaken Abbey document
Enter the Forbidden Abbey Instance
Defeat the Zombie Duke
click on Document pile in NE corner of big room
kill the Tied-Up Researcher
Loot the Documents from body
R: 2243xp, 2926g, Dark Sage Trousers OR Underground Phantom Leather Pants OR Secret Concealment Leg Guards, Card of the Shadow Researcher

Aymar, Forsaken Abbey
==> Clean Up the Environment
Kill 5 Saprophage Spiders (Carrion Spiders)
Kill 5 Rat-Eat Bats
R: 942xp, 1525g, Perfumed Soap Ring
==> [18] Diplomat's Request
Deliver Note to Hork
R: 465xp, 762g

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