Howling Mountains Quests

Daily Quests

You get 10 Phirius Tokens for completing a Daily Quest.

Pioneers Colony Bulletin Board
Level Title Task Ending NPC XP
3 Need More Fungus Stems Collect 10 Mushroom Stems from Fungus Leighton 57xp 59g
4 Control the Wolf Population Collect 10 Wolf Cub Tail from Young Wolf Leighton 79xp 94g
Logar Bulletin Board
Level Title Task Ending NPC XP Gold
7 Annoying Beetles Kill 20 Beetles George 132xp 192g
7 Spider Venom Collect 5 Spider Venom Highly-skilled Doctor 132xp 192g
8 Drive Off the Bats Kill 20 Wilt-Leaf Bats near Dead Tree Cave 171xp 222g
9 Kobold Rampage Kill 20 Kobold Scouts near Barren Caves George 212xp 250g
10 Stolen Tools Recover 10 Damaged Tools from Kobolds George 292xp 302g
10 Wanted: That Greedy Guy Caldor Kill Ravenous Kalod by Moongorge
Return Kalod's Tongue to George
George 585xp 604g
10 Wanted: Pirlanok Servant Kill Pilanok Servant at Dead Tree Cave
Return Demon Spider's Tooth to Shalin at Sevaida Woods
Shalin 585xp 604g
10 Wanted: Lost Soul of Tifka Kill Lost Soul of Tifka at Barren Caves
Return Tifka's Magical Essence to Katrina in Barrow
Katrina 585xp 604g


These quests are available after selecting a Secondary Class.

Pioneers Colony Quests

Level Title Starting NPC Task XP Gold Items
4 Drinking Water Avril 1. Gather Lake Alabaster Water
2. Deliver water to Avril
79xp 188g Basic Medicine x10
4 Filtering Carbon Stone Avril 1. Gather a Carbon Stone for Avril
2. Go into Pioneers Mine and click on Ore Stack
3. Deliver Carbon Stone to Avril
79xp 188g Basic Medicine x10

Hidden Valley Mine Quests

Level Title Starting NPC Task XP Gold Items
5 Support Goya's Task Leighton Talk to Goya outside Hidden Valley Mine 45xp 130g
5 Thinning the Herd Goya Kill 10 Goblin Patrolman 93xp 260g Miner's Belt OR
Miner's Charm
5 Gil's New Miner Goya 1. Capture a Red-pincher Cave Crab
2. Attack a crab then right-click on Strong Rope to capture
3. Deliver capture crab to Goya
93xp 260g Cave Crab Shield AND
Crab Stompers OR
Leather Guard Boots
6 Lost Material Goya Gather Hidden Valley Supplies in Hidden Valley Mine
click on Mine Materials Crate
When you find the supplies, a Goblin Miner will spawn
112xp 332g
Warning Goya Talk to Leighton 55xp 166g Cultivator's Cane
Goblin Warning Goya Talk to Mrs Helen at Helen's Farm 45xp 130g
Bought the Farm Mrs Helen 1. Get Farm Contract from Maidge's Farmer, to the west
2. Fight the Evil Maidge's Farmer
3. Loot the Farm Contract from the body
4. Talk to Mrs Helen
112xp 332g Paide's Remnant


Level Title Starting NPC Task XP Gold Items
7 Hide and Go Seek Milaya Find Rey around Logar
(56.5, 40.5?)
65 xp 192g
7 Where are you, Peter? Rey Find Pete near Moongorge
Click on Wooden Chest by Justin
65xp 192g
7 Rey's Toy Rey Collect Rey's Toy from a Newt
2. Return Rey's Toy to Rey
132xp 385g Peter's Handmade Sword
8 A Father's Distress George Talk to Dion at Dead Tree Cave 84xp 222g
8 Safe and Sound Dion Talk to George 84xp 222g Basic First Aid Potion x20


Level Title Starting NPC Task XP Gold Items
7 Newt's Liquid Justin 1. Collect 5 Newt Fluid from Newts and
Collect 5 Shadow Newt Fluid from Shadow Newts
2. Deliver to Justin
132xp 385g Basic Medicine x5 OR
Basic Spirit Potion x5
7 Investigate the Moongorge Justin 1. Find the Mysterious Boundary at the end of Moongorge
2. Talk to Shalin at Sevaida Woods
65xp 192g Investigator's Short Staff


Level Title Starting NPC Task XP Gold Items
8 Weapon and Armor Repair Furganda Deliver Box of Damaged Weapons to Cid in Logar 269xp 480g
8 Insufficient Repair Materials Cid Talk to Dingle at Pioneers Colony 269xp 480g
8 Bringing Ore for Repairs Dingle Deliver Ore for Reapirs to Cid 269xp 480g
8 Bring Back the Repaired Weapons Cid Deliver Repaired Weapons to Furganda 269xp 480g Legionnaire's Belt

Logar Set Quests

Level Title Starting NPC Task XP Gold Items
6 Daisy's Trouble Highly-skilled Doctor Talk to Daisy 55xp 166g
6 Things That Go Bump in the Night Daisy 1. Go into Moongorge
2. Look for portal at 69.1, 33.1
3. Enter Cavern of Trials instance
4. Kill Hungry Greyce
5. Talk to Daisy
225xp 664g Full-stomach Warrior title AND
Logar Champion Robe OR
Logar Champion Leather Jacket OR
Logar Champion Armor
8 Plant Mutations Shalin 1. Gather 5 Aberrant Plant near Dead Tree Cave
2. Talk to Shalin
171xp 445g Basic Medicine x5 AND
Basic Spirit Potion x5
8 Shalin's Report Shalin Deliver Dead Tree Cave Report to Highly-skilled Doctor 84xp 222g
9 Dead Tree Cave Samples Highly-skilled Doctor 1. Collect Deadwood Spider Fluid
2. Collect Bat Saliva
3. Talk to Doc
212xp 501g Wood Patterned Belt OR
Grainy Leather Coat OR
Grainy Defensive War Armor
9 I've Got a Bad Feeling About This… 1. Go into Dead Tree Cave and find Magic gathering spot
2. Open Bag and right-click on Magic Detection Crystal
3. Talk to Shalin
212xp 501g
9 Preparation Talk to Daisy 104xp 250g
9 Strength of the Seal Talk to Shalin to get Shalin's Magic Rune 104xp 250g
9 Dion and the Spear of Logar Shalin Talk to Dion to get Spear of Logar 104xp 250g
9 Destruction of the Gathering Magic 1. Right click on Sharlin's Magic Rune to make Shining Spear of Logar
2. Click on the Magic Gathering place
3. Get Logar's skeleton
4. Three Dead Tree Demon Spiders will spawn
5. Talk to Shalin
212xp 501g Logar Soft Silk Boots OR
Logar Leather Hunting Boots OR
Logar Guardian Battle Boots
Return of Hero Take Logar's Skeleton to George 104xp 250g Logar Flag
10 Milaya's Origin George Find Vankelo at Barrow
Vankelo wanders around the Barrow area
144xp 302g
10 Lost Clues Vankelo 1. Get Clue Letter from Kobold Scout
2. Talk to Vankelo
292xp 604g
10 Return of the Letter Talk to George 144xp 302g Guard's Gloves
10 A Necklace is a Girl's Best Friend Deliver Drafting Paper to Dell 144xp 302g
10 Patterns Everywhere Dell Talk to George 144xp 302g
11 Final Clue George 1. Kill Anglie in Barren Caves
2. Talk to Dela Norsis that spawns after Anglie is killed
3. Don't forget to loot Anglie's body
4. Talk to George
564xp 1152g Source of Life and
Source of Magic
12 A Father's Care George Talk to Dell 218xp 422g Logar Cloth Trousers OR
Logar Leg Guards OR
Logar Chain Leggings

Howling Mountains

Level Title Starting NPC Task XP Gold Items
10 Porgy's Whereabouts Wells 1. Go north into Silverspring
2. Talk to Mike
144xp 302g
10 Porgy's Safety Get Cage with Small Boar from Kobold Maurauders 292xp 604g Basic First Aid Potion x5
10 Porgy's Savior Find Bakejam at Varanas City
located outside by Teleporter
144xp 302g
10 Porgy's Fate Talk to Pan in Varanas West Wing 144xp 302g
Porgy's Cure Pan Deliver Dry Lavender Pack to Bakejam 144xp 302g Porgy's Necklace
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