Howling Mountains Quests

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The gloomy word howling in the name of the Howling Mountains does not correspond to the mellow landscape. In earnest though there was a meeting place of lower daemons here and especially the Barrow was a venue for the wild hordes.
In certain nights they performed bizarre sacrificial rituals in the Barrow’s monumental stone formation. Due to the accompanying screams the area was later called the Howling Mountains. Some years ago the Council of Varanas and the Eye of Wisdom repeatedly cleansed the region with great wraith expulsions and the force of arms.
At the time the first humans settled there, no howling could be heard, which has once reverberated through the valley. Since then travellers and adventures experience the Howling Mountains as an open ley, which can be perceived at a glance. The surrounding mountains and spiky stone formations can nonetheless instil a slightly eerie feeling of discomfort.

TITLE: Water Purifier

[4] Drinking Lake Water
Avril, Pioneers Colony
1. Gather Lake Alabaster Water
2. Go south and click on a bucket near (27.0,74.1)
79xp and 188g
Basic Medicine x10 (+220. HP)

[4] Filtering Carbon Stone
1. Get a Carbon Stone from the back of the Pioneer Mine
79xp and 188g
Basic Medicine x10

Hidden Valley Mines Quests

[5] Support Gyor's Task
Leighton, Pioneers Colony —> Gyor, Hidden Valley Mines
1. Talk to Gyor to the southeast
45xp and 130g

[5] Gil's New Miner
Gyor, Hidden Valley Mines
1. Use the Strong Rope to catch a Red-pincher Cave Crab
93xp and 260g
Cave Crab Shield (L5 shield, +9 defense)
One of the following:
Crab Stompers (L4 cloth boots, +3 int) or
Leather Protective Boots (L4 leather boots, +3 dex) or
Cave Crab War Boots (L4 chain boots, +3 sta)

[5] Thinning the Herd
1. Kill 10 Goblin Patrolman
93xp and 260g
Miner's Belt (L5 leather belt, +1 all attributes) or
Miner's Chain Belt (L5 chain belt, +3 Str)

[6] Lost Material
1. Get the Hidden Valley Supplies from the Hidden valley Mines
112xp and 332g

[6] Warning
Gyor —> Leighton
55xp and 166g
Cultivator's Staff (L6 Staff, +3 Wis)

[5] Goblin Warning
Gyor —> Mrs Helen, Helen's Farm
45xp and 130g

TITLE: Helen's Farm Guardian

[6] Sold the Farm
Mrs Helen, Helen's Farm
1. Get Farm Contract by taling to Maidge's Farmer to the west
2. Kill L5 Evil Maidge Farm
3. Loot the Farm Contract from the corpse
112xp and 332g
Sword of Peter's Remnants (L6 sword, +10 HP)

[6] Agnes' Trouble
Highly-skilled Doctor, Logar —> Agnes, Logar
1. Talk to Agnes
55xp and 166g

TITLE: Full-stomach Warrior (Logar Set - Upper Armor)

BOSS - Hungry Greyce

Logar Set 1/3 - Upper Armor

[6] Things That Go Bump in the Night (BOSS)
Agnes, Logar
Complete Helen's Farm Guardian Title
1. Go into the Moongorge
2. Take the first portal to the Trial Cavern instance
3. Run past all the L5 Hungry Plunderer
4. Kill L8 Hungry Greyce
225xp and 664g
Logar Champion Robe (L7 cloth, +3 int, +10 HP) OR
Logar Champion Leather Jacket (L7 leather, +3 dex, +10 HP) OR
Logar Champion Chainmail (L7 chain, +3 str, +10 HP)

Moongorge Quests

[7] Hide and Seek
Milaya, Logar
Find Rey
65xp and 192g

[7] Where are you, Peter?
Rey, Logar
1. Find Peter near the Moongorge
2. Click on the Wooden Chest by Justin
65xp and 192xp

[7] Rey's Toy
Rey/Wooden Chest, Moongorge
1. Get Rey's Toy by killing Newts
132xp and 385g
Peter's Homemade Hammer (L7 1H Hammer, +3 sta)

[7] Newt's Liquid
Justin, Moongorge
1. Get 5 Newt Fluid by killing Newts
2. Get 5 Shaodw Newt Fluid by killing Shadow Newts
132xp and 385g
Basic Medicine x5
Basic Spirit Potion x5

[7] Investigate the Moongorge
Justin, Moongorge
1. Travel to the end of the Moongorge
13xp and 385g

[7] The Moongorge Discovery
Justin —> Sharlin, Sevaida Woods
65xp and 192g
Investigator's Short Wand (L7 wand, +3 int)

Logar's New Hero (Logar Set 2/3)

[6] Gathering Spider Venom
Highly-skilled Doctor, Logar
1. Get 10 Wild Spider Venom Samples
2. Kill Wild Spiders at Sevaida Woods
270xp and 265g
Reagent Ring (L6, +1 All Attributes)

[8] Plant Mutations
Sharlin, Sevaida Woods
1. Gather 5 [Plant Samples] at Dead tree Cave
171xp and 445g
5 Basic Medicine
5 Basic Spirit Potion

[8] Sharlin's Report
Sharlin —> Highly-skilled Doctor, Logar
84xp and 222g

[9] Dead Tree Cave Samples
Highly-skilled Doctor, Logar
1. Go into the Dead Tree Cave
2. Get 3 Bat Saliva from Dark Bats
3. Get 5 Demon Spider Fluid from Dead tree Demon Spiders
212xp and 501g
A. Wood Patterned Belt (L9 cloth belt, +9 defense)
B. Grainy Leather Coat (L9 leather upper, +5 physical attack)
C. Grainy Defender Chainmail (L9 chain upper, +4 Sta)

[9] I've Got a Bad Feeling About This…
Highly-skilled Doctor, Logar —> Sharlin, Sevaida Woods
1. Go to the end of Dead Tree Cave
2. Open Bag and right-click on crystal
3. Talk to Sharlin
212xp and 501g

[9] Preparation
Sharlin —> Agnes, Logar
1. Talk to Agnes
104xp and 250g

[9] Strength of the Seal
Agnes —> Sharlin, Sevaida Woods
1. Talk to Sharlin
104xp and 250g

[8] A Father's Distress
George, Logar
1. Find Dion by Dead Tree Cave
84xp and 222g

[8] Safe and Sound
Dion —> George
1. Talk to George in Logar
84xp and 222g
10 Basic First Aid Potion

[9] Dion and the Spear of Logar
Sharlin —> Dion
1. Talk to Dion
104xp and 250g

Logar Set 1/3 - Boots

[9] Destruction of the Gathering Magic (Logar Set - Boots)
Dion —> Sharlin
1. Open Bag and right-click on Sharlin's Magic Rune
2. Go to end of Dead Tree Cave and click on the Magic gathering point
3. Talk to Sharlin
212xp and 501g
Logar Soft Silk Boots (L9 cloth, +3 int) or
Logar Leather Hunting Boots (L9 leather, +3 dex) or
Logar Guardian Battle Boots (L9 chain, +9 defense)

Open Bag and right-click on Logar's Skeleton
Accept quest

[9] Return of the Hero
Logar's Skeleton —> George
104xp and 250g
Logar Flag (L9 shield, +3 sta)

TITLE: Third Guard Company Supply Team Member

[8] Weapon and Equipment Repair
Furganda, Barrow —> Cid, Logar
1. Talk to Cid
269xp and 480g

[8] Insufficient Repair Materials
Cid —> Dingle, Pioneer Mine
269xp and 480g

[8] Bringing Ore for Repairs
Dingle —> Cid, Logar
269xp and 480g

[8] Bring Back the Repaired Weapons
Cid —> Furganda
269xp and 480g
Legionnaire's Belt (L9 chain, +9 defense)

Logar Set Quests (3/3)

[10] Milaya's Origin
George, Logar —> Vankelo, Barrow
1. Talk to Vankelo who wanders outside the Barrow
144xp and 302g
Basic First Aid Pot x20

[10] Lost Clues
Vankelo, Barrow
1. Get Lost Letter by killing Kobold Scouts
292xp and 604g

[10] Return of the Letter
Vanjelo —> George, Logar
1. Talk to George at Logar
144xp and 302g
Guard's Gloves, L10 leather, +5 physical attack

[10] A Necklace is a Girl's Best Friend
George —> Dell, Logar
1. Talk to Dell
144xp and 302g

[10] Patterns Everywhere
Dell —> George
144xp and 302g

BOSS - Anglie

[11] Final Clue (BOSS)
George —> Dela Norsis
1. Kill Anglie inside the Barren Caves
2. Talk to Dela Norsis after Anglie is dead
564xp and 1,152g
Source of Life
Source of Magic

Logar Set 1/3 - Lower Armor

[12] A Father's Curse (Logar Set - Lower Armor)
Dela Norsis —> Dell, Logar
218xp and 422g
Logar Cotton Trousers (L12 cloth pants, +3 Int) or
Logar Leg Guards (L12 leather, +3 dex) or
Logar Chain Leggings (L12 chain, +3 sta)

TITLE Porgy's Rescuer

[10] Porgy's Whereabouts
Wells —> Mike, Silverspring
1. Go to Silverspring and talk to Mike
144xp and 302g

[10] Porgy's Safety
Mike, Silverspring —> Wells
1. Go northwest and kill Kobold Marauders to get Porgy
2. Take Porgy to Wells in Howling Mountains
292xp and 604g
Basic First Aid Pot x5

[10] Porgy's Savior
Wells —> Bakejam, Silverspring
1. Talk to Bakejam, just outsaide Varanas
144xp and 302g

[10] Porgy's Fate
Bakejam —> Pan, Varanas/Lower City West
1. Take Transporter on bridge to Lower City west
2. Pan is to the southwest
144xp and 302g

[10] Porgy's Cure
Pan —> Bakejam
1. Go back and talk to Bakejam
144xp and 302g
Porgy's Necklace (L10 leather belt, +4 Str)

Logar Quest

[12] Check in with the Adventurer's Guild
George, Logar —> Derek, Silverspring
1. Talk to Derek at Varanas Gate
218xp and 422g

TITLE Explorer of the Howling Mountains

Obtain title "Water Purifier"
Obtain title "Phirius Workshops Sponsor"
Obtain title "Helen's Farm Guardian"
Obtain title "Logar's New Hero"
Obtain title "Third Guard Company Supply Team Member"
Obtain title "Katrina's Best Assistant"
Obtain title "Messenger of the Redeye Night Bear Seal"
Obtain title "Porgy's Rescuer"

Titles in italics are only available after choosing a secondary class

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