Epic Quest

Epic Quest - Part One

The Epic Quest starts in Logar.

Epic Quest - Howling Mountains
Level Title Starting NPC Task XP Gold Items
8 Treasure Hunt Narfas Talk to Narfas 57xp? 111g
8 Treasure Hunt - Stage 1 Narfas Find Narfas's Flower Headdress
Find Mysterious Mound in Hidden Valley Mine
228xp 445g Narfas's Kraft Paper
Treasure Hunter's Cape
8 Treasure Hunt - Stage 2 Narfas Find and open Locked Box
Find Mysterious Mound in Moongorge
Talk to Justin two times
8 Key Making Justin Gather 2 Abandoned Ore Pile in mine west of Pioneer's Colony
Gather Special Oil from Mrs Marian
Collect 12 Newt Saliva from Newts in Moongorge
228xp 445g An Unlockecked Chest
8 Spring Water from Moongorge Justin Deliver Spring Water to Narfas 114xp 222g
8 Treasure Hunt - Stage 2 Narfas right-click on Unlocked Chest to get Narfas' Doll 228xp 445g Narfas's Kraft Paper 2
Narfas' Earring OR
Children's Metal Ring
Treasure Hunt - Stage 3 Narfas Deliver Healing Spring Water to Shalin
Find Narfas' Necklace
Find Mysterious Mound in Dead Tree Cave
228xp 445g Silk Hunters Bow OR
Dead Tree Necklace OR
Narfas' Nacklace
Water Dragon - Zanordoth Narfas Deliver Narfas' Flower Headdress and
Narfas's Doll and Narfas's Necklace to Zanordoth
Go to Heart of the Springs around 66.3/31.0
228xp 444g
Treasure Hunt - Stage 4 Narfas Find the Mysterious Mound in Barren Cave
Deliver box to Katrina
228xp 445g Narfas' Treasure Map
12 Howling Mountains' Biggest Treasure Narfas' Treasure Map right click on Narfas' Treasure Map
click on Accept Quest button in lower right corner
Find Mysterious Mound near Logar
Get Narfas' Treasure
right-click on treasure to get rewards
590xp 844g Lumberjack's Life
Practice Magic Wand
Light Hunter's Knife
12 Secret Agent Narfas Narfas Talk to Narfas 147xp 211g
12 Narfas' Recommendation Narfas Deliver letter to Marisus in Varanas
located in Hall of the Eye of Wisdom
295xp 422g

Epic Quest - Part Two

Epic Quest - Silverspring
Level Title Starting NPC Task XP Gold Items
12 Narfas' Recommendation Narfas Deliver letter to Marisus in Varanas
located in Hall of the Eye of Wisdom
295xp 422g
12 Marisus' Worry Marisus Deliver book to Salond 147xp 211g
12 Counsel's Request Salond Kill 10 Cow Beetle, west of Varanas
Kill 10 Sharpwing Dragonfly, east of Varanas
Kill 10 Blackblood Caravan Member, east of Varanas
Report to Berol
590xp 844g Meeting Cleaner OR
Berol's Envelope Opener
12 Secret Invesitgation Berol Talk to Felom
Listen to Randus
Talk to Berol
442xp 633g
12 Counsel's Request Berol Deliver Commission Inventory to Salond 147xp 211g
12 Assist the Varanas Guards Salond Talk with Oreng at Varanas Central Plaza 147xp 211g
Secrecy Agreement Oreng right-click on Agreement to sign it
Talk to Oreng
147 xp 211g
14 Bury the Remains Oreng Go to Forsaken Abbey, west of Varanas
Open Bag and right-click on badge when next to grave
Run away from ghost that spawns when you bury badge
Talk to Oreng
740xp 951g Patrol Guard Boots OR
Thunder Shadow Leather Boots OR
Venom Corpse Boots
14 More Help Oreng Talk to Salond 185xp 237g
14 Obtain the Rune Salond Loot a Rune of Spider's Strength
from a Thorn Spider in Twilight Mine
Deliver rune to Arefat
740xp 951g
14 Test of Rune's Power Arefat Talk to Arefat to start fight
Defeat Arefat
740xp 951g Resistance II Rune OR
Magic Rune II OR
Shield Rune II
14 More Runes Arefat Collect 5 Rune of Spider Strength 740xp 951g
15 Power Test - Part 2 Arefat Talk to Arefat to start fight
Defeat Arefat
740xp 951g Power II Rune OR
Mind Rune II OR
Quickness Rune II
The Search for Runic Knowledge Arefat Talk to Salond in Varanas 430xp 529g
16 Different Type of Rune Salond Get Rune of Bandit's Reflexes from Yuri
Get Rune of Steadfast Defense from Copper-shell Beetle
Get Rune of Natural Intelligence from Colorful Ostrich
Deliver to Arefat
1093xp 1756g
16 Angry Holly Arefat Deliver Flowers of Apology to Holly in Varanas West 361xp 585g
16 Spring Water Delivery Helly Gaden Deliver Clean Spring Water to Salond 244xp 292g
18 :Difficult Task Salond Get to level 18 then talk to Salond 314xp 381g Dawn Bringer OR
Sage's Staff OR
Honorable Guard's Warhammer
20 Zurhidon's Plans Salond Get Hint from Zurhidon Disciple
Find Peeno (in a cage)
Talk to Peeno
2033xp 1951g
20 Information! Peeno Talk to Salond 1001xp 975g
19 Making the Cure Salond Get Essence of Tagena from Tagena Wanderer
Get Tagena Magic Powder from Yagena Straggler
Deliver to Peeno
Talk to Salond
1469xp 1717g Tagena Defensive Shield OR
Life Earring
20 Protect Fels Gorden Salond Talk to Helly Gaden in Varanas West 1001xp 975g
20 Fels Gorden in Hiding Helly Gaden Go into building and talk to Fess Gaden 500xp 487g
20 Clue about the Legendary Sword Fess Gaden Talk to Marisus in Eye of Wisdom Hall 1001xp 975g
20 Search for the Legendary Sword Marisus Go to Aslan Valley and find Gudisen 1001xp 975g

Epic Quest - Part Three

Epic Quest - Aslan Valley
Level Title Starting NPC Task XP Gold Items
20 Mysteries of the Mine Gudisen 1. Get Lajos Halka's Manuscript (Derelict Mine, 69.8/-1.6)
2. Get Ancient Documents (Derelict Mine, 69.7/-0.4)
2003xp 1951g River Valley Ring OR
Valley Mold Ring
20 Looking for a Retired Soldier Gudisen Look for Sheetreg at Hunters Camp 1001xp 975g

==> [23] Search for the other Half
Find Ancient Documents - Second Half
drops from Hammertooth mobs at Rumpus Mine or Goblin Village
dropped from Hammertooth Roughneck
R: 3522xp, 2197g
==> [] Shaman Eno
Talk to Eno in Silverfall
R: 1761xp, 1098g
==> [23] Eno's Test
Use Stone of the Water God on the Water Spirit Totem
Water Spirit Totem is on north side of river at 52.8/57.6
Defeat the Water Spirit Messenger
Talk to Eno
R: 3522xp, 2197g, Water God's Renewal Necklace OR Water God's Musical necklace OR Water God's Battle Necklace
==> [23] Spirit Compass
Go to Central Altar at Lake of Eternal Silence and pray to get Strength of the Water God
Click on Ancient Altar at 38.5/61.4
Talk to Eno
R: 2641xp, 1647g

==> [26] Power of the Jade Valley
Find Essence of the Forest at Jade Valley
Look for the yellow dot on the minimap
Click on Essence of the Forest
A goblin will steal your compass
Talk to Eno
R: 5151xp, 2577g
==> [26] Take Back the Compass
Find the missing Compass in Rumpus Mine
kill the Zurhidon Assaulter
Use Purified Oil on 10 Goblin Corpse
Talk to Eno
R: 7726xp, 3865g, Rdemption Cape
==> [28] Plant some Demon Vines
Get Fortune Dew from God of Springs Altar
Get Unkown Seed from Demonthorn Vines
Right-click on Aslan Mud Cultivation Bag to plant seed
Get 10 Demonthorn Vine Flower
R: 6521xp, 2817g
==> [28] Finding the Needle
Go to Distillery and talk to Haige
R: 3260xp, 1408g
==> [28] Heiger's Test
Talk to the Furtive Customer to start fight
Defeat the Furtive Customer
Talk to Haige
R: 6521xp, 2817g, Knight's Battle Scimitar OR Righteous Staff
==> [30] Recover the Needle
Go to Necropolis of Mirrors
Find the Compass Needle on one of the monsters
R: 15844xp, 6600g, Necopolis Ghosts's Embrace OR Necropolis Ghost Leather Jacket OR Necropolis Dark Chain OR Necropolis Vice Plate

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