Different Type of Rune
Quest Title: Different Type of Rune
Quest Level: 16
Region: Silverspring
Starting NPC: Salond
Ending NPC: Arefat
XP: 1093xp
Gold: 1756g


  1. Get Rune of Bandit's Reflexes from Yuri
    • Yuri is a hard mob. You may need a party to kill him
  2. Get Rune of Steadfast Defense from Copper-shell Beetle
    • watch out for the Copper-shell Beetle Elite mob that is in the area
  3. Get Rune of Natural Intelligence from Colorful Ostrich
  4. Deliver to Arefat
  5. Watch the cutscene between Arefat and Helly Gaden
  6. Talk to Arefat after Helly leaves
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