Bury the Remains
Quest Title: Bury the Remains
Quest Level: 14
Region: Silverspring
Area: outside Forsaken Abbey
Starting NPC: Oreng
XP: 740xp
Gold: 951g
Item: Patrol Guard Boots OR Thunder Shadow Leather Boots OR Venom Corpse Boots


Bury the three badges:
Captain Franzid's Badge
Captain Jit Luid's Badge
Captain Rogier's Badge

  1. Go to Forsaken Abbey, west of Varanas
    • be careful of the mobs outside the Abbey
  2. Open Bag and right-click on badge when next to grave
    • the graves will show up as a yellow circle on the mini-map
  3. Run away from ghost that spawns when you bury badge
    • the ghost can kill you
  4. Talk to Oreng after burying all three badges
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