Aotulia Volcano

Under a darkened sky full of volcanic ashes and with a disgusting smell of sulfur lies the Aotulia Volcano that adventurers call the “claw of the magical dragon”. Red hot lava flows everywhere on the surface of this land. The region is barren except for some plants of special structure. The constructions built by the Naga here are totally different from the outposts in the woods in terms of style and power.
It appears that the Naga have built a city under the supervision of a creature of extreme high intellect. But the truth behind this fact remains unveiled, as even the most capable scouts of the Order of Dark Glory would not be able to sneak past the Naga troops that guard the gate.


[] Hunting

[] Curtain Call Fireworks

[] Battle Status Report

Respect for a Hero


[] Saying Goodbye to the Past

[] Secret of the Fragments


[] Freeing Fire Monsters

[] Reason for Waking

[] Punishment in the Name fo Fire

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