Major Instances

Level Name Full name Location Entry
8+ CoT Cavern of Trials Howling Mountains
10+ BC Barren Caves Howling Mountains none
20+ WM Windmill Basement Howling Mountains Kill Golos in Barren Caves for Gloomy Vapor Stones
Talk to Uncle Kaga outside the Windmill to get a 60 minute pass into the Windmill
25+ FA Forsaken Abbey Silverspring No entry requirements
30+ BG Bloody Gallery Silverspring No entry requirement
35+ NoM Necropolis of Mirrors Aslan Valley
35+ IDK35 Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom Dragonfang Ridge
40+ MA Mystic Altar Ystra Highlands
45+ PS Paspers Shrine Sascilia Steppes
50+ Clops Cyclops Stronghold Dragonfang Ridge Have to be attuned to be able to enter
50+ IDK50 Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom Dragonfang Ridge
50+ KS Kalin Shrine Dust Devil Canyon
50+ TT Treasure Trove Ravenfell
55+ Origin The Origin Aslan Valley
55+ CoWD Cave of the Water Dragon Howling Mountains need to have the King of Water's blessing from Weeping Coast
55+ HotO Heart of the Ocean Weeping Coast Have to be attuned to be able to enter
55+ HoS Hall of Survivors Savage Lands
57+ LoDD Lair of the Demon Dragon Aotulia Volcano
57+ HoDL Hall of the Demon Lord Aotulia Volcano
57+ ZS Zurhidon Stronghold Aotulia Volcano
57+ DoD Dungeon of Dalanis Thunderhoof Hills
58+ WA Warnorken Arena Southern Janost Forest
60+ RT Raksha Temple Northern Janost Forest
62+ KT Kawaks Tomb Limo Desert
65+ GC Grafu Castle Land of Malevolence
67+ SC Sardo Castle Redhill Mountains
70+ ToSH / T7H Tomb of the Seven Heroes Tergothen Bay
72+ AC Aeternal Circle
75+ KBN Keluch Bones Nest
77+ CoB
80+ Beth Bethomia
82+ Bela Belathis
85+ GoH Grotto of Horror
87+ PoM Pillars of Morfan
87+ HoE Hall of Earth *EPIC*
90+ CoE Crypt of Eternity
90+ HoW Hall of Water *EPIC*

Minor Instances

L15+, Arcane Chamber of Sathkur, Sascilia Steppes
Note: not many people do Arcane Chamber of Sathkur, Paspers Shrine, IDK35, and IDK50.

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