Home sweet home
If you’re exhausted, covered in sweat, blood and dirt, and have taken quite a beating, you most likely want to go home to rest and recover.
And you can do just that in Runes of Magic! Housing for your characters is available from the start, and you can enter your house for the first time in Logar.
Setting up your interior is simple: Buy items, drag and drop them into one of the available slots, and click the button to place it. You can turn, spin, move and place objects freely.
Decorate to your tastes
There are more than 130 available housing items from which to choose — such as tables, chairs, rugs, fireplaces, beds, wall decorations and room dividers. With so many choices, you’re bound to find something to suit you.
(Treasure) chests and item storage
Every large city in Runes of Magic has a bank. But humans are hunters and gatherers. If you don’t want to rely on banks, store your loot and treasure at your house in a chest.
You get one free chest with 20 slots, and you can place your chest anywhere in your house. If you need more storage, you can buy more chests.
Prepare and save outfits with mannequins
Everyone has seen a mannequin at some point in their lives, and most people gawk at clothing displayed in shop windows.
In Runes of Magic, you can use mannequins to create your own personal home display and make it easier to change attire. Mannequins can be either male or female, and you can place more than one in your house at any time.
Use the equipment screen to dress mannequins with items from your inventory. If you’re in a hurry and have no time before the next raid, you can swap your current outfit for what a mannequin is wearing with a single click.
Crafting at home
We all know the scenario. You just collected all necessary materials for new armor sets and are ready to craft at one of the forges in the city. As you are about to begin, other players stop and say, “Hi. You are a blacksmith, right? Please craft this item for me.”
If you want peace and quiet when you’re crafting, buy the necessary tools for your craft and place them in your house. There are anvils for blacksmiths, laboratories for alchemists and huge pots for chefs. No matter the skill, the necessary equipment is available.
Expand your house
You can expand your house in Runes of Magic with more floors, bigger rooms, attics, closets and much more. The combination and expansion possibilities are endless.
Interact with surrounding objects
Mannequins aren’t the only things that need but one click. You also can start a fire in the fireplace and light candles to give your house a homely atmosphere.
Future features
Several times a year, Runes of Magic will publish a free add-on with fresh content, including new furniture and other options for housing.
More than storage
Adding furniture to your house can do more than simply make your house look pretty. There are certain items that will also give bonuses to your character, such as an increase in the level of XP and TP you earn. Read the in-game description of these items for more information.
If you have a great idea about housing options or items, let us know. Community is important to the Runes of Magic team, and we like player feedback and contributions

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