House Fairy Furniture

Wooden Round Table, 3k, decorative
Short Legged Woodden Table, 5100, de
Engraved Wooden Table, 6900
Small Stoll, 300
Wooden Footrest Chair, 600
Pointed Back Wooden Chair, 900
Comfortable Wooden Chair, 1500
Violet Sofa, 2100
Wooden Double Bed, 1200
Engraved Wooden bed, 4000
Three-level Wooden Sotrage Rack, 600
Three-layer Wooden Chair Cabinet, 600
Four-layer Rectangular Sotrage Cabinet, 600
Short-legged Cabinet with Armrests, 800
Five-layer Wooden Dresser Drawers, 800
Spider Silk Book Cabinet, 100
Magnificent Five-layer Wood Cabinet, 1200
Night Stand 1400
Screen of Elven lands, 2000
Stone Bathtub, 2400
Bear Head trophy, 1600
Small Table Lamp, 3600
Three-handle Candleholder, 4800
Hourglass, 2400
Square Red Carpet, 2000
Square yelow Carpet, 3000

Item Shop Furniture

7D, +4 study
Simple Rotan Chair, study+4, 7D
Simple Stool, 7D, _4 Study

7D, +5 study
Yellow/Blue/Red Gemstone Sphere, +5 Study, 7D
Simple Fitting Stool, 7D, _5 study
Violet Round Stool, +5 Study, 7D

7D, + inventory
Snack End Table, worth 30g, +4 Study, +1 Inventory, 7D
Engraved Wooden Chair, 18g, 7D, +5 Study

Marble Pot Plant, +7 Study, 9D

Oven-shaped Table, Study+8, 10D

15d, +10 study
Comfortable Rocking Chair, study +10, 15d
Violet Lady's Chair,study +10, 15d
Mint Green Sofa, study+10, 15D
Copper Candleholder, study+19, 15d
Glaxed Pot Plant, study+10, 15D
Checkered Pot Plant, study +10, 15d
Violet Love Seat study+10, 15d
Potted Sago Palm, study+19, 15d
primitive stone pot plant, study+19, 15d
limetone pot plant, study+10 15d
elegant engraved chair study+10 15d
baroque chair study+10 15d
potted floor plant
15d study+10
pink star glory chair study+10 15d
royal blue leisure chair 15d study+10
rococo engraved chair study+10 15d
engraved emerald chair
oriental wooden table, 3g
rococo stool
elegant patterned red sofa, 45g
square pot plant

15d, +9 study
twin-ringed pot plant

15d, +1 inventory
Magnificent Footstool Chest, +1 inventory, +10 training
engraved wooden cabinet, +1 inventory, +5 training
multilevel engraved wooden cabinet, 26g, +1 inventory, +5 study
tall double door kitchen cabinet, 30g, +1 inventory +1 training
elegant wooden cabinet, 20g, +1 inventory, +4 training

15d, +12 study
elegant square table, 150g

15d, +5 trainng
tiger head trophy, 36g
double-door wooden kitchen cabinet, 16g
simple carpet
screen of earthly trees, 40g

20d, +15 study
long beech table
lady's red cushioned sleeping sofa
desk clock
exquisite sofa end table
folksy potted plants
chessboard table

screen of jewel memories, 22d, 60g, +8 training

20d, +7 training
short combination cabinet, 24g
sun and stars carpet

Shield-shaped weapon rack, 20d, no training
luxury weapon rack, 20d
cross weapon rack, 20d

30d, +10 training
four-leaf knight's fleece carpet
elegant wooden engraved bed
screen of heavenly lakes
screen of three fairies' wings

30d, +20 study
yachi curved table
engraved red cloth sofa

30d, +1 invenotyr, +10 training
antique dresser, 30d, +10 training. +1 inventory
tall engraved wooden cabinet, +10 training, +1 inventory
exquisite engraved wooden cabintet
double door wood pattern cabinet
classical engraved cabinet

30d, +1 inventory, +20 study
magnificent tray dishes table

30d, +2 inventory, +10 training
simple cabinet sotrage

safety fireplace, 30d, +9 study
fire pit heater, 30d, +11 training

elegant engraved square table, 35d, +25 study
table with sheena' dishes, 201g, 35d, +25 study, +1 inventory
elegant engraved square table, 35d, +25 study

40d, +15 study
superior floor cabinet
quality fleece carpet
screen of the king's lake
wood-patterned tester bed, 90g
aristocratic engraved fireplace

marble magic cabinet, 40d, +15 training. +1 inventory
magic cabinet of inspiration, 40d, +15 training, +1 inventory
bar cabinet, 40d, +15 training, +2 inventory

elegant romance wooden fireplace, 55d, 160g, +20 training
white roses stone fireplace, 55d, 400g, +20 training

sawing table, +50 carpentry, 70d
leather side horse, +50 armorcrafting, 70d
small cooking oven, cooking +50, 70d
cloth cutting table, tailoring+50, 70d
alchemy bottle, +50 alchemy, 70d
blacksmith's drilling board, +50 blacksmithing, 70d

large alchemy furnace, +60 alchemy, 80d
blackmsith's iron drill, +60 blackmsithing, 80d
wood-cutting machine, +60 carpentry, 80d
stone dual oven stove, +70 cooking, 80d
stone barbecue grill, cooking +60, 80d
spinning machine, +60 tailoring, 80d

women's clothes rack, 70d
men's clothes rack, 70d

pink sleeping bed, training +25, 70d
royal stone fireplace, 70d, 280g, +25 study

swan bathtub, 70d, +25 training
sweetheart's pink bed, 70d, +25 study
classical stone fireplace, 70d, +25 study

brown wooden trasure chest, 2500g, 70d, 5 inventory
juniper treasure chest, 80d, +6 inventory
cowhide chest, 90d, 350g, 7 spaces
blue copper chest, 400g, 110d, 8 spaces
lionhead treasure chest, 160d, 12 spaces
classical wooden chest, 199d, 15 spaces
leather storage chest, 265d, 20 spaces

ceasar bed, 80d, +30 training
luxurious aristocrat bed, 80d, +30 training

100 diamonds $4.99 .049/each
200 diamonds $9.49 9.98 5% .047/each
500 diamonds $21.99 24.95 12% .043/each
1000 diamonds $39.99 49.99 20% .039/each
2000 diamonds $74.99 99.8 25% .037/each

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