Elite Skill Certificates

After the update of Chapter 4, Elite Skills can now be more easier to obtain by doing quests that give "Old Bag" in Coast of Opportunity and Xaviera. Old Bags gives you a random Elite Skill Certificate depending on what level elite skill you don't have. The number of times you can do these quests is limitless.

[7][Repeat] Invaders from the Sea

Johnny Walk (33/65), outside Heffner Camp
Earn 10 Key Objectives using Special Skills

Task #1
- Moral Persuasion - use on pirates that are under 50% health
- Out of Pocket - spend gold
- Gentle Strike - use on low HP pirates

141xp and 154g
Old Bag - right-click to get an Elite Skill Training Certificate

[27][Repeat] Attack of the Raging Snakes

Kelly Cindai (59.4/55), outside Lyonsyde Tribe
Gather 10 Key Objectives

Task #1
- Report to an Experienced Craftsman
- Effective Anti-Snake Spray = "Use the Anti-Snake Spray!"
- Antidote Poison = "This has snake poison residue on it!"
- Strong Coating Paint = "Paint on the Coating!"
- Gain 2 Objectives per Experienced Craftsman
- You look very tired = start again

Task #2
- Foolasnake Powder - ?
- Extract Venom in the Chaos - use on snakes that are fighting
- Stealing Venom - use on snakes that aren't fighting

4,613xp and 1,377g
Old Bag —> Right-click to get an Elite Skill Training Certificate

Level 15

NPC: Listi Pursdon, Class Hall in Varanas

8,000 gold

Ash Lumber x3 36 Ash Wood
Zinc Nugget x3 36 Zinc Ore
Mountain Demon Grass Sap x3 36 Mountain Demon Grass

Level 20

NPC: Listi Pursdon, Class Hall in Varanas

15,000 gold

Willow Lumber x3 36 Willow Wood
Tin Nugget x3 36 Tin Ore
Beetroot Sap x3 36 Beetroot

Level 8 in Gathering skills

Level 25

NPC: Fay Akjad, Silverspring, on the road to Forsaken Abbey

20,000 gold

Secondary Class Items
Knight, Priest, Druid, Warden 15 Life Crystals
Scout, Rogue 15 Illusion Crystals
Mage, Warrior 15 Tough Crystals

Crystals drop from mobs in the Forsaken Abbey (FA) Instance or from Windmill Instance

Level 30

NPC: Menqid Beman, Silverfall in Aslan Valley

28,000 gold

Oak Lumber x3 36 Oak Wood
Copper Nugget x3 36 Copper Ore
Moxa Sap x3 36 Moxa

Level 20 Gathering skills

Level 35

NPC: Sisileena Chab, outside the Necropolis of Mirrors in northern Aslan Valley

35,000 gold

Secondary Class Items
Knight, Priest, Druid, Warden 15 Ancient Spirit Essence
Scout, Rogue 15 Study Essence
Mage, Warrior 15 Mirror Essence

Essences drop from mobs in the Necropolis of Mirrors (NoM) Instance

Level 40

NPC: Belin Pursdon, Crafting Square at Obsidian Stronghold

42,000 gold
10 Minotaur's Soul from mobs at Snowhorn, Ystra Highlands
10 Sound of Wind from Tower of the Wailing Wind, Ystra Highlands

Level 45

NPC: Belin Pursdon, Crafting Square at Obsidian Stronghold

58,000 gold
20 Harpy Holy Spirit

Drops from Level 45-46 Harpy mobs around Hawk's Cliff in Dust Devil Canyon

Level 50

NPC: Sigg Fletcher, Class Hall in Varanas

Complete the Arkana Series of quests
The Arkana quests count as Daily quests?
Guide: 50/50 Elite Skill by Isshin

1. Fearlessness of the Arkana
Infernal Blackhorn x3 from Blackhorn Dorglas, Blackhorn Trotter and Blackhorn Silencer at Pasper's Shrine in Sascilia Steppes
Premature Soul Death x 2 from from Krodamar and Krodamon in the Necropolis of Mirrors in Aslan Valley

2. Ambition of the Arkana
Get Frost Energy from Frost Energy Guardians in the Ystra Labyrinth Instance
Get a Flame Core from Flame Rune Knights in the Ystra Labyrinth Instance

- Evil Spirit Cry x1
Go to Mystic Altar Instance in Ystra Highlands and use the Flame Core on the Evil Ice Spirit

- Fire Attack x1
Go to the second Ice Dwarf Kingdom Instance (IDK50) in Dragonfang Valley and use the Frost Energy on Thynos

3. Memory of the Arkana
- Collect Talomo's "Memory" 1x from Loyal Talomo in the Treasure Trove, Ravenfell
- Collect Blackhorn Hafiz's "Memory" 1x from Blackhorn Hafiz at the Pasper's Shrine, Sascilia Steppes
- Collect Ensia's "Memory" 1x frp, from Ensia in the Kalin Shrine, Dust Devil Canyon

4. Wisdom of the Arkana
- Collect Ice Fragment 1x
Drops from Winternight Valley's Aisha or the Winternight Ice Witches in Winternight Valley, Ystra Highlands

- Collect Rune Drop 10x
Drops from Iron Rune Warriors and the Rune Guardians in Kalin's Shrine, Dust Devil Canyon

5. Toughness of the Arkana
- Collect Feather of Raichika the Destroyer 1x from Raichika the Destroyer in the Royals' Refuge in Ystra Labyrinth
- Collect Cactus Needle 1x from Cactus bosses in Dust Devil Canyon

6. Most Important Part (Rune Energy Infuser)
A. Talk to D’Monk Jarfur in Central Plaza, Varanas to get a Rune Extractor that turns into a Rune Energy Infuser after 15 days
B. Talk to Noab Lucerne in Central Plaza, Varanas to buy a Rune Extractor for 500 Phirius Tokens, 10-day countdown

7. Class Specific

Soul of the Arkana: Druid
Talk to Selinwat in the Origin Instance, Aslan Valley
Kill a level 50 mob?

Soul of the Arkana: Knight
Collect Recording Crystal 10x
Talk to Hersibi Taylor in a cave between between the Zurhidon Camp and the Sathkur Ruins in Sascilia Steppes
"aggro 10 mobs and pull them to a guy who will kill them for you. - (ty sniperbob613)"

Soul of the Arkana: Mage
Kill Terbithia's Prisoner 10x
Go to the Rose Caravan in Sascilia Steppes and turn North
Break the Magical Barrier Amphora and kill 10 Terbithia's Prisoner

Soul of the Arkana: Priest
Talk to Horatio Gerter at the Big Dig in Dust Devil Canyon
Kill a level 50 mob

Soul of the Arkana: Rogue
Collect Trial Blade 1x
Talk to Nadu Boleaf, snowy area nearby the Tower of Wailing Wind in Ystra Highlands
Kill a level 50 mob?

Soul of the Arkana: Scout
Talk to Charly Morph in Silverspring
"Go nearby the road that leads from Silverspring to Ravenfell. There is a grassland next to the lake there. Walk along the northern side"
Kill a level 50 mob

Soul of the Arkana: Warrior
Go to Ghost Town in north-east Ravenfell
"talk to the incarnation of Iron Rune Warrior, and kill him.
Note: He has magic damage immunity, and there will be Cavies with magic immunity who run up to him.
If they get to him they will heal him.
They will all drop regeneration sigils so you should never be at a loss for hp. - (ty sniperbob613)"

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