Elite Skills


These are skills you can learn when both the Primary and Secondary class reach certain levels.
Elite skills are available at 15/15, 20/20, 25/25, 30/30

You have to turn in resources to get each skill.

You can get an Elite skill for each class. You just have to turn in the resources twice.
For example, if you are playing a Knight/Mage you can get the Holy Light Field skill at 15/15.
Switch to Mage/Knight and you can also get the Holy Light Strike skill.

Skill Study Certificate

You need a Skill Study Certificate in order to learn an Elite Skill.

L15/15 and L20/20 Elite Skills

Talk to Listis Pursdon in the Class Hall at Varanas City.

Level 15/15 Skill Study Certificate:
3 Balsa Lumber
3 Brass Nugget
3 Mountain Poplar Sap
8,000 gold

Level 20/20 Training Certificate
3 Willow Lumber
3 Tin Nugget
3 Wild Berry Sap
15,000 gold

L25/25 Elite Skills

Talk to Fay Akjad, located on the road to Forsaken Abbey in Silverspring
Secondary Class
Knight or Priest = 15 Life Crystals
Scout or Eogue = 15 Illusion Crystals
Mage or Warrior = 15 Rough Crystals

These crystals drop in Forsaken Abbey

30/30 Elite Skills

Talk to Menqid Beman in Silverfall at Aslan Valley
Oak Lumber
Copper Nugget
Moxa Sap
28,000 gold

Elite Skills List

For information on 15/15, 20/20 and 25/25 elite skills:
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For information on 30/30 elite skills:
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