There are 3 Gathering skills and 6 Crafting skills
9 skills can be raised to level 20 (Apprentice)
6 skills can be raised to level 40 (Craftsman)
3 skills can be raised to level 60 (Adept)
1 skill can be raised to level 80 (Master)

Raise 1 Crafting skill to Master and the related Gathering skills to Adept

Level Tier Max Number of Skills
01 to 20 Apprentice 9
20 to 40 Craftsman 6
40 to 60 Adept 3
60 to 80 Master 1
Crafting Skill Main Resource Secondary Resource Rune Items
Alchemy Herb Ore Blend Potion
Armor Crafting Ore Herb Purify Leather, Chain, Plate Armor
Blacksmithing Ore Wood Frost Melee Weapons and Shields
Carpentry Wood Ore Link Staves, Bows, Talismans
Cooking Herb Wood Activate Food Buffs
Tailoring Wood Herb Disenchant Cloth armor
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