Level Level Up Skill Effect Cost Cast/Cooldown
1 Charged Chop 110.0% main hand DPS 20 MP 2s/3s
4 Briar Shield Repel 5 dmg for 300s 30 MP
8 Power of the Wood Spirit 56.4% main hand DPS 15 MP instant, 50 range
12 Enhanced Accuracy +.9% attack accuracy
16 Elven Amulet 20% physical damage reduction for 10s 150 MP instant/1min
20 Savage Power +1.7% Physical attack for 30s 150 MP instant/2min

Warden Specific Skills

Level Skill Effect Cost Cast/Cooldown
1 Energy Absorb +10% physical attack/-10% physical attack for target for 15s 0 MP instant/5min, range 80
1 Recall Pet
1 Summon Spirit of Oak Summon pet 15% MP 8s cast
2 Thorny Vine 60 dmg/2s for 8s 30 MP instant/8s, range 50
6 Elven Prayer Pet Heal 15HP/2s 20 MP instant/5s, range 150
10 Movement Restriction 2.9 root, 13.1 dmg 45 MP instant/45s, range 150
14 Summon Nature Crystal Summon pet 15% MP 8s cast
22 Damage Transfer 28.5% damage transferred to pet for 15s 30 MP instant/3min
24 Heart of the Oak +38 HP and +18.2 HP/5s for 600s 55 MP instant
26 Frantic Briar 31.8 earth dmg AOE, 8 range 70 MP 2s cast
28 Soul Attack Use 30% of Pet's Life to deal 42.3 earth dmg 0 MP 2s/6s, range 150
30 Summon Oak Walker summon pet 15% MP 8s cast
32 Protection of Nature +6.6 physical and magical crit rate for 6s 55 MP
32 Two-Handed Weapon Mastery 2H axe, 2H sword
34 Natural Lifeline +2.8% pet's HP
36 Banish 4.7s banish, stun+no dmg 50 MP 1s/60s, range 150
40 Vitality Explosion restore HP when using Power of the Wood Spirit and Charged Chop
42 Power of the Oak +2.8% 2H weapon dmg for 6s 55 MP instant
44 Explosion of Power +4% pet's physical and magic attack power for 30s 50 MP instant/3min
48 Elven Guidance For 15s, recover 24 MP when pet hits with Punch, Stab Wound and Beam Attack 30 MP instant/1min
50 Cross Chop 65.8% main hand DPS, front AOE, range 10 50 MP instant/6s

Warden Elite Skills

L15 Double Chop
L20 Beast Chop
L25 Ire
L30 Immortal Power
L35 Pulse Mastery
L40 Resilience of Life
L45 Will Attack
L50 Coat of Arms

L15 Anti-Magic Arrow
L20 Beast Tamer
L25 Untamable
L30 Summon Chiron the Centaur
L30 Centaur's Arrow
L35 Secret Agreement
L40 Morale Boost
L45 Valiant Shot
L50 Sacrifice

L15 Achilles' Heel Strike
L20 Thorn Upgrade
L25 Gravel Attack
L30 Soul of the Spirit Tree
L35 Store Power
L40 Critical Feeling
L45 Walker Spirit
L50 Together

L15 Wind Chop
L20 Tough Oak
L20 Punch
L25 Oak Blessing
L30 Nature's Revenge
L35 Spiritual Feedback
L40 Crystal Protection
L45 Narrow Escape
L50 Pet Enhance

L15 Dispel Curse
L20 Magic Control
L25 Quick Reflexes
L30 Earth Spirit Essence
L35 Natural Spring
L40 Connection
L45 Blade of Protection
L50 Crystal Heal

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