Lvl Lvl Up Skill Effect Cost Cast / Cooldown

Priest General Skills

L1 Urgent Heal (+50HP) (+9)
L1 Rising Tide (40 water dmg) (+15.2)
L4 Regenerate (+16.4 HP/2s @ 60s)
L8 Holy Aura (5s invulnerability)
L12 Magic Barrier (+9% magic defense for 10min)
L16 Blessed Spring Water (+4 water resistance for 10min)

Priest Specific Skills

L1 Soul Source
L1 Wave Armor
L6 Heal
L8 Bone Chill
L8 Ice Fog Rank 1
L10 Soul Bond
L10 Resurrection
L14 Group Heal
L14 Grace of Life
L18 Chain of Light
L18 Cleanse
L20 Amplified Attack
L22 Prayer
L24 Faith
L26 Ice Fog Rank 2
L28 Healing Salve
L30 Blessing of Humility
L32 Ice Fog Rank 3
L34 Holy Candle

Priest Elite Skills

L15 Battle Monk Stance
L20 Explosion of Fighting Spirit
L25 Fighting Spirit Combination
L30 Ascending Dragon Strike
L35 Power Build-Up
L40 Vindictive Stike
L45 Condensed Rage
L50 Fire Fairy

L15 Embrace of the Water Spirit
L20 Throat Stab
L25 Enhanced Wave Armor
L30 Tide Control
L35 Curing Shot
L40 Ice Blade
L45 Saint's Blessing
L50 Water Fairy

L15 Snake Curse
L20 Infectious Wound
L25 Quick Spellcasting
L30 Purge
L35 Lure of the Snake Woman
L40 Shadow Fury
L45 Snake Spirit
L50 Shadow Fairy

L15 Freeze
L20 Remove Curse
L25 Angel's Blessing
L30 Angel's Carol
L35 Lightning Rod
L40 Enlightenment
L45 Icewind Blade
L50 Wind Fairy

L15 Enhanced Grace of Life
L20 Life Link
L25 Last Prayer
L30 Divine Incarnation
L35 Calm Heart
L40 Sacrificial Cure
L45 Holy Power
L50 Light Fairy

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