Mage General Skills

Lvl Lvl Up Skill Effect Cost Cast / Cooldown
4 Fireball ??? Fire Dmg x .3 int
8 Lightning ??? Wind Dmg + ?sec Root
12 Wisdom Adds ??? + ?% Intelligence
16 Intensification Adds ??? magic dmg for 20s
20 Silence stops player from casting for ??s
24 Fire ward ??? fire resistance for 10m

Mage Specific Skills

L1 Elemental Catalysis (+ 20% Magic Dmg and casting speed is lowered by 50%) Note: casting speed lowered only if L65+
L1 Flame (??? Fire Dmg)
L2 Electrostatic Charge (Absorbs up to ???% of your hp for 30s)
L2 Plasma Arrow (??? Wind Dmg and puts you in Charged State) Note: charged state increases critical change by ???
L8 Eruption (Fireball and Flame have chance to do additional Fire Dmg)
L10 Electric Bolt (??? Wind Dmg + ??? Wind Dmg afterwards every 2s for 12s)
L10 Discharge (??? Wind Dmg + 5s stun)
L14 Meteor Shower
L16 Electric Explosion
L18 Phoenix
L20 Electric Compression
L20 Static Field
L22 Wind Knowledge
L22 Fire Knowledge
L26 Purgatory Fire
L28 Energy Influx
L30 Energy Well
L32 Elemental Weakness
L34 Thunderstorm

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