Lvl Lvl Up Skill Effect Cost Cast / Cooldown

Knight General Skills

1 Holy Strike (25% dmg and adds Light seal for 10sec)
1 Punishment 16.4 holy dmg + each Light seal does 23 dmg
4 Disarmament 39.2% dmg, reduce armor by 3% for 10s, stacks 4 times
8 Shield of Atonement 24.6 dmg with shield, physical/common attack lock for 3s
12 Enhanced Armor +4% armor stats for 2min
16 Defense Skill +9.5% block rate
20 Resilience +9 Stamina
24 Devotion +15 maximum mana

Knight Specific Skills

L1 Holy Shield
L2 Mana Absorption
L2 Holy Seal
L6 Shield Bash
L10 Chain of Light Rank 1
L14 Resolution
L18 Charge
L20 Threaten
L22 Shield Mastery
L24 Plate Ability
L26 Shield of Valor
L28 Shield of Truth
L30 Shock
L32 Chain of Light Rank 2
L34 Hatred Strike
L36 Shield of Discipline
L40 Chain of Light Rank 3
L42 Hall of Dead Heroes

Knight Elite Skills

L15 Whirlwind Shield Mastery
L20 Two-Handed Axe Training
L25 Deadly Whirlwind
L30 Quick Reflexes
L35 Fearless
L40 Master of Parry
L45 Survival Instinct
L50 Authoritative Deterrence

L15 Arrow of Vengeance
L20 Enhanced Holy Strike
L25 Holy Chains
L30 Heavenly Arrow
L35 Weaken Weapon Strength
L40 Sacred Resistance
L45 Sacred Protection
L50 Disregard Danger

L15 God's Sword
L20 Smash
L25 Blind Stab Mastery
L30 Crazy Blades
L35 Dance of Two Blades
L40 Leopard Instinct
L45 Panther's Blessing
L50 God's Vengeance

L15 Holy Light Domain
L20 Lightning Shield
L25 Lightning Armor
L30 Mana Shield
L35 Enhanced Mana Return
L40 Hall of Order
L45 Wind of Protection
L50 War Prayer

L15 Holy Light's Fury
L20 Holy Smite
L25 Holy Protection
L30 Free Will
L35 Firm Courage
L40 Concentration Practice
L45 Great Inspiration
L50 Holy Illumination

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